Wednesday, November 25, 2015

what does "Black Friday" mean to you?

 sometimes...simplicity is the greatest gift of all!

With all of the noise about after Thanksgiving sales that are blaring on TV, one would think that "Black Friday" is a holiday within itself. Unfortunately, commercialism has dictated that this must be so. "Spend! Spend! Spend!" In all of this, the true meaning of what it means to be thankful for the little things can be lost. To do so using the spirit of Jesus' birth makes it even more sad.

I think of the episode of "A Charlie Brown Christmas," in which Charlie Brown questions the commercialism of Christmas. It takes an oration from Linus to remind everyone just what Christmas is all about. That Thanksgiving's date this year makes Christmas only three weeks away, that lesson is even more important.

Oh sure, if you need that new appliance or TV, by all means, this is a great time to save money. But if it is just to spend money on frivolous things, maybe think again. Even Jesus had a hard time seeing the solemnity of the Temple being trashed by money changers who turned it into a freak circus side show. We know how that turned out!

Back to the spirit of what these true holidays mean: to be thankful for, our jobs (such as they can be) and all who make those jobs worthwhile. To be grateful for our health, our homes and our families, again, such as they can be at times! In short, give thanks to God for every little thing! You may not have much, but how much does it take to bring a smile to your face?

When Jesus was born, the world was in turmoil, just as it is today. He did not arrive on a chariot, but rather in the quiet hush of a stinky stable, with only the animals present. His birth was heralded by angels on high NOT to kings, but to lowly shepherds. Jesus came to save us all from our own selves...sinful, sorrowful and hopelessly inept as we are. And all we can do to honor Him now is to buy! buy! buy? I can only think of His sorrow...that in over two thousand years, we still have not learned from history--not at all.

Today...turn down the noise of commercialism. Put away those credit cards and instead, turn on some reflective Christmas music that reminds you of Jesus' arrival as an innocent Babe. Gather your own friends and family and hold them close. You only have amount of buying power will give you anything more than that--just today.

It is my hope that you have a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving. May God be with you and yours...amen!

click on the link below to view Linus' important message for us all!

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