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new year greetings!

just walk on by??

all I want for Christmas can't be put under a tree...

what is the true meaning of Christmas?

"keeping the peace"...when do we say, "enough?"

do you have room for Jesus in the inn of your heart?

a Christmas letter! or is it, a Christmas letter?

"I don't want to do this anymore!"

100 wise solutions in life

"and we go up..up..UP..."

in memory of Nelson Mandela

in search of: the "perfect gift"

for the love of Carl....and of friendship!

is it wise to have everything that you want?

yet another day that will live in infamy...

to be God's servant....

childhood moments are so fleeting...

it's all about the child!

ah, the value of Christmas!

a story about acceptance: Shay's story