Saturday, March 26, 2016

it's the little "I love you" that matter most!

Yesterday I was in a hurry running errands. I stopped in a photography studio to pick up some books that I had left there and a little girl of about four years of age ran up to me. She was all dressed up to (I presume) have Easter photos taken of her. "Look at me!" she exclaimed, "I'm a Princess!" and she twirled around so that I could see her pretty skirt and leggings that had glittery flowers on them. I smiled and replied, "yes you are!" With that, she hugged my leg and smiled up at me with such adoration, then took off to twirl some more. I then finished my errand and left. That incident has stayed with me ever since. 

Adulation. We all crave it, I don't care what age you are! But how many of us dole it out? It IS free, you know, yet we hoard giving it away as if we will never get any of it back. But give it away, I tell you....just give it away with all of the sincerity that you can! Believe me, when you give it away, it is received with so much's price is greater than all the gold in the world! People are starved, literally STARVED for affection and when they get it....they will hold on to that for a long time!

A gal I have known for almost 30 years is now a caregiver to her ailing husband. She told me that it is so hard on her. "What I miss most," she said, "is hearing 'I love you' from others. I don't hear that and I NEED to know that I have value...or am I just his nurse?"

We ALL have roles to play, be it parent, friend, caregiver, oh...and how about HUMAN BEING? Now THERE'S a role worthy enough.....yet we don't say "I love you"...we don't show someone they are valued, even if it is a child who thinks she is a princess. Or a co-worker who is having a bad day and just needs that quick hug and a soft, "you've got this!" Or an aging and ailing parent who is waiting for their grown kids to say, "thanks, dad...for everything!"

Life is short...don't wait to hand out praise at the funeral! it now, while the recipients can respond!