Saturday, December 17, 2016

you can be a Christmas tree!

I think the above graphic tells it all. It is so easy to try and be something we are not. The world is full of people who are full of themselves. It is sad when they cannot look around them to see that there are those who are running on empty, especially at holiday time, when everything around us is so magnified. If we are not living out the details of a Hallmark movie, then our lives must be in vain. I am sure you have felt this way also. The best way to bring joy to others is to just be yourself. At the risk of appearing foolish, you may be surprised to realize that there are those who wish they only had the courage to do so! Go ahead and blaze that trail and be the light for someone who needs that illumination this season. Don't stop the day after Christmas, either. If you look around you, pain knows no season. June 21st can be the same as December 26th, which could also be April 5th. The point is, be aware of who needs and angel and then, go do it! 

And as the caption finishes, "it's okay to be a little tilted." After all, Linus said it best in "A Charlie Brown Christmas:" "it wasn't such a bad tree, all it needed was a little love!" 

Merry Christmas, everyone!