Saturday, March 11, 2017

what would YOU like to say about yourself?

Life sure has a way of browbeating people! Listening to news reports or even backstabbing that can happen at work, in families or within friendships can leave us bruised, scarred and give our self-esteem quite the kick! However, the key word for today is "deflection." Deflect those negative words and find the good in your life! "Why am I here?" is a question I always used to ask myself.

"God, why am I here? What good shall I serve?" 

I posted this today on a Facebook page and some of the answers astounded me! Go through the following list and ask yourself these questions. Be prepared to do some soul searching. It doesn't have to be right now, but perhaps, if you should awaken at 3 a.m., give it a thought, and thank God for being the YOU many people have come to know and love!

If the world had one thing to say about you, what would you want it to be? What would you most of all want to hear the world say? What would you like to be able to say about yourself?

Now, your answer does not have to be holy. You are not required to give a holy answer such as: "He or she was a saint."
What you would like said about you is something you desire for yourself. It's possible you would be content with? Would you like to know that you mean more to God than you had realized?
"I made hearts happy."
"People liked me."
"I lightened hearts."
"I looked right into people's eye."
"I made people laugh."
"No one was more loved than I."
"I changed the lives of others."
What means a lot to you? What matters to you?
"I learned how to live life."
"I like me."
"I am worth something."
"I will be missed."
"I mean the world to someone."
"I opened eyes."
"I opened hearts."
"I was always straight with everyone."
"I saw something in others that many didn't."
"I was liked."
"I took chances."
"I loved life."
"There is no else in the world like me."
"I always said Yes."
"I always said, Hello."
"I taught people to dance."
"I helped others to see with new eyes."
"I didn't take life too seriously."
"I didn't take myself too seriously."
"Wherever I went, I saw rainbows."
"I took friends to the moon."
"I understood a lot."
"I was here beside you, God.
"What would you most like to be said about you? What would you most like to be said about you today? Or tomorrow? What would mean a lot to your heart? Say it, and make it true.