Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"when you're weary...feeling small..."

 I love the song, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." It is a song of calling out, of hope, of faith.
This prayer also is a calling out...of being too exhausted to continue, but knowing there is One higher who can guide us. Let us pray it together:


Our Father:
There are so many who are bone-tired weary that are praying with us. They are weary from lack of physical sleep and weary from the toll of a heavy heart. Many are dealing with battles on every front...family members who are terminally ill... dealing with their own health problems...children who are ill and must be taken care of.... working long hours of overtime.... trying unsuccessfully to find work and wondering how to avoid homelessness and going hungry...dealing with difficult people who drain the life and energy from them...grieving the losses of loved ones...Lord, when we are physically, mentally and emotionally depleted, we wonder how to carry on. We cry out to you and we know you hear our cries. We know you see the pain. We know you have the answers and provision for every need. You tell us to glorify you in all things, but we don't even know how to do that from these places of weariness and fatigue, Lord.

Father in our poverty, may we find contentment, as the apostle Paul learned to be content in all things. May we honor you with our patience in adversity. May we make the most of our waiting time in the dark valleys by redeeming the time and meeting you in prayer and the study of your word. We may not have much to give at times, but like the widow that gave all she had with her 2 mites, you are just looking for people to come to you just as they are, with the little they have, so you can be magnified in their weakness and weariness. You are looking for the weary and downtrodden who persevere and who cling to you with their last breath and their last drops of energy and just like you took a few fish and few loaves of bread...you will take what little we have and turn it into more than enough.

Lord, there is a purpose for all we endure. The enemy has a plan to destroy and to defeat us, but you have a plan to redeem each trial, each heartache, each pain that comes into our life. Lord, we ask for all that are battle weary today...may they find rest in you. May we find that place where we can just drown out the cares of the world and find quiet solitude in your arms our, Abba Father. May we find refreshment for our weariness. May we find physical, emotional and mental replenishment. Whisper in our ears that everything will be okay and reassure us that we are not alone. May we find hope and healing in the name of Jesus. May we feel the Holy Spirit's presence, giving us comfort and may our testimony when we rise from these places of weariness be you truly are enough...You are the one who gives rest to the weary...You are the one who restores our souls and you are the lifter of our heads. Lord, may your grace be sufficient. Blessed be your name Lord. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we pray, Amen.

Hope you all have a relaxing, peaceful weekend!