Thursday, January 28, 2016

how big is YOUR cross?

Everyone has a cross to bear. Everyone. No one is immune to the fact that crosses come in all sizes and we each have one to carry. Don't like yours? There are times when mine seems pretty heavy also. There are times when I just want to give it up and move on. Situations seem to drag on forever, it's like crossing a desert with no road map in place, no landmark in sight, you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and its like slogging through wet cement.

Yes. I know. I have been there, too.

It reminds me of an animated video I have seen passing through social media, the one in which a man has a cross and no longer wants to carry it, so he cuts it in half. There! Much better! Until...he comes to a deep chasm....and notices that others have also arrived. They have something that he no longer has: they take THEIR cross and lay it across the chasm and cross over it, like a bridge. Problem solved!...for them, anyway. The man sits there in morose silence...he cut  his cross in half, he is stranded.....or is he?

See, what is NOT shown in that video is how someone can allow him to use their own cross...he can hoist his cross, go over first, then the other one can use that same cross...and together, the sorrow is made easier. It has been lifted....and now the two become one in knowledge that each has helped the other.


The one who made the mistake of cutting his cross has been helped by the other one who, although suffering also, had the prudence to use that suffering for the good of another!

See how that works?
and if you reallygive it some will realize...that..Jesus...did...just...that. will YOU use your cross today to help another?
Look around, it isn't that hard to see need...and it won't be that hard to be a hero today.
Be that hero. Be the one.

May God bless you.