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The very word means to give up, right? as in "I surrender!" when watching movies in which the good guy gets the bad guy.

The surrender I am thinking of though, doesn't necessarily mean to give UP so much as to give allow another control over your life. In the Bible, there are many instances of people surrendering to God's will for them. Moses. Esther. Mary ("be it done to me according to Your Word!") and of course, Jesus; "not my will but Thy will be done!"

I couldn't imagine being any one of these people, facing insurmountable odds in times when giving up almost assuredly meant death. But then again, when one has God, Almighty. Omnipotent and more, how could anything go wrong?

It's easy, just ask Peter. When he got out of the boat and began walking towards Jesus, by keeping his eyes on Him, he was able to focus on Jesus and not on the storm. As soon as he realized what he was doing, he gave up confidence in…

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