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Good Orderly Direction

All it takes is that one person to upset an apple cart. One person who can either make a good day better or a bad day worse. Of course, there is also the one who can make a bad day better, too.

Case in point: I was flying high on an already hectic schedule. I had everything planned down to the minute. Then along came a situation in which I was delayed. I had an order that should have been delivered to my place of business returned to the post office because I wasn't there. The following day, same situation. This was a back order that a customer was waiting for. That meant that now I had to go to the post office to retrieve it (unplanned!) The mail clerk was rude (unplanned!) and when she finally found my parcel, it had been damaged (major unplanned!) Her retort was that had I been at my place of business, it would have been there originally. On time. So now I took the hit for a damaged parcel and instead of making a profit from the client who'd been waiting for it, I took a los…

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