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did you see the star this morning?

where do you find God? Where do you see Him, feel Him? Wherever that place is, go there--often!
(photo credit top and middle Sylke Boyd bottom Diane Baum)

This morning when I let my dogs out, I saw the last star of early dawn there in the eastern sky. As I warmed my arms up against the chill, I was inspired by that star and thought about the Wise Men of old, who also followed a star, only to find a Savior!

Unfortunately in today's world, people don't follow a star looking for Hope. Instead they turn to drugs, alcohol, expensive gadgets, a form of technology that can speak to them and tell them anything they wish to know. They follow celebrities, whose own paths are often illuminated by the very things I have just told you: sex, drugs, alcohol, vanity photo sessions and more. If you were to ask many of them, "what do you think it will take for our world to become peace-filled?" many wouldn't have a clue as to how to begin!

In our quest to be heard, we have turned …

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