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on this day, be grateful

It was said on the radio today that a survey was taken and that those who felt gratitude in their lives were able to then want to help others so that they, too would feel grateful.

I thought about that, first of all thinking who would do "a study" or survey about this, as well as "this is such a common sense idea, why do we need to be reminded of it?"

Take a look around you, though. Joy. Grace. Love. How many of these things do you see daily? Our world is so sad right now; wildfires in the very dry western half of the country and floods from hurricanes in the eastern half. Right now, there isn't a whole lot to be joyful about. "I have just lost everything. There went my life!" Am I right?

When I divorced, way back when, I too, lost everything. Not just the physical stuff, like dishes, some knick knacks that were mistaken for other things, then misplaced etc., no, I am talking about losing my very real sense of self. I married very young, so I didn…

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