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ashes to ashes....

Notre Dame Cathedral is burning. While it is heartbreaking to see a structure that has stood for centuries burn, we must remember that it is just that--a building.
St Francis of Assisi was told by God to "go, rebuild My church, which, as you can see, has fallen into disrepair and ruin." Francis thought that God was referring to the little church of Portiuncula. In fact, God was referring to something much MUCH bigger...the church, which is, they, them, him, her and so on.
Could Notre Dame's destruction also be part of a greater sign...that our "church" is also facing ruin? Our WORLD is in tatters...for each one of us IS the church! It is NOT some building, the church is inside each of us. All of us!
What are YOU doing to rebuild it?

We are the only living creature God has made who has evolved from smacking two stones together to create fire to having technology such as what we have today! Lions, tigers and bears have always been just that--lions and t…

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