Friday, February 26, 2016

the last wave...

 "Eternal, Holy God, I come to You burdened with worries, fears, doubts and troubles. Calm and quiet me with peace of mind. Empty me of the anxiety that disturbs me, of the concerns that weary my spirit, and weight heavy on my heart. Loosen my grip on the disappointments and grievances I hold on to so tightly. Release me from the pain of past hurts, of present anger and tension, of future fears. Sometimes it's too much for me Lord, too many demands and problems, too much sadness, suffering, and stress. Renew me spiritually and emotionally. Give me new strength, hope, and confidence. Prepare me to meet the constant struggles of daily life with a deeper faith and trust in You. Let your love set me free, for peace, for joy, for grace, for life, for others, forever. Amen"

I woke up at 3 am today...thinking about my husband, Rob's journey out to California [from our home in Minnesota to bring his parents back from their winter home due to his father's ill health]...which is a journey that ALL of us will have to make at some point in our lives. Either you will BE the parent that an adult child will need to look after...or you ARE the adult child who is the caregiver. Either way, that journey is so symbolic NOW of the journey taken way back when. You know the one I'm talking about--the journey in which a baby is learning to take its first steps. There you are --as either the baby or else the parent coaxing the baby...holding looking up at a proud parent, the other looking down at a beautiful child. And both feeling that sense of accomplishment at this stage of the trip.

Now we come to the other side of that trip. Once again....we will need to let go. We will wave goodbye....because we know....the one we have been clinging to has got this! they really do! Once again we wave good-bye, just as we did when we went to kindergarten...when we learned to drive solo for the first time...when we got ready for the prom...when we graduated from high school...when we went to college...when we moved out from mom's house...when we walked down the aisle with a new best friend at our side. Life is always about waving good-bye, isn't it? My point is...before that last wave...make sure...make DAMN sure that you have really made as many memories as you can...that you are saying what you feel with all of the love you have within you. Because when we wave good-bye, either because of a life change or just because we needed to go to work...or to the gym..or even for that cup of coffee, that last wave goodbye...may be truly--the last wave.