Wednesday, December 23, 2015

be in the moment--recognize the world around you!

I work in a school and thus, have many chances to take note of what the kids are doing, saying and wearing. I find it wonderful to use those moments to make a comment that can turn a child's day around. For instance, young children can be somewhat dramatic. They come to the lunch line with tears, with shoes untied, with "issues that need tissues", as I say. I look them in the eye when I say, "I just love that color of your shirt! It is so pretty!" or "those shoes! They are so neat!" It gives them the chance to open up, to take in what has just occurred and then, they beam. Their sweet faces light up and they go from sadness to happy in nanoseconds.

That is all it takes! A kind word. A simple gesture, such as when I tie their shoes that are always in need of being tied. Of holding their shoulders when I catch them in the act of saying an unkind thing to another child and really making them know that what they did caused sorrow to another. "...and how would it feel if that happened to you?" I query. It teaches them about empathy--about showing kindness to another instead of sorrow. Believe me, they get it.

My point is  that people love to be recognized. In this world where technology has taken over, where everyone walks with their heads down as they look at the latest Tweet, I encourage you to look UP...see what is happening around you! RECOGNIZE what is happening! Be in the moment and then...act upon it! How can you see that old man who needs help to cross the street? "What old man", you ask. Why...the one you just rudely brushed passed, because maybe his shuffling step was slowing you down. That lady in the grocery store, the one who only has coins and is taking forever to pay her bill with all of her nickles, dimes and quarters...what would you do? Do you become angry because your precious time is more valuable than hers? Or that driver ahead of you who just missed  the light changing from red to just honked at him in anger because he isn't going "right now, damn it!" Perhaps...if you had looked in his window, you'd have seen tears running down his face. He is distracted because he just found out his mother is ill and needs care...or his friend passed away...or his job was just downsized.

Do you presume to know everything about everyone, thus you are above everyone?

No. Even Jesus, when He gave His attention to the children, was castigated. His response: "let the little children come to Me and do not try to stop them...for the Kingdom of heaven is for such as these!" it goes back to the little children...those same children that I see on a daily basis with all of their "issues that need tissues" some days. someone by is  said that the name is the most beautiful sound to anyone...recognize them....hug them....compliment them...behold them-- right where they the situation they are in...just as Jesus has held all of you in such high esteem.

You are valuable to why should it not be that way with others? If you say that you love God...whom you have not seen...then why do you not love those around you whom you HAVE seen?
Think about it---act upon it!

May you have a blessed day!