Thursday, July 21, 2016

empathy goes a long way....

 a journey begins with but a single step.....whose journey are you walking today?

The news regarding racial tensions has not been good with very sad, very serious outcomes. My heart grieves for the pain, the loss and the uncertainty of the times we live in. The black community cries out how the Caucasian community doesn't care. Of how white people supposedly have it so much better.

What I need to ask you is, "how do you see others who do not share your skin color? Your religion? Your economic status? If you could walk in the shoes of another, who would you choose...and why?"

I see it this way: remember that school yard bully? The one who picked on you or stole your lunch or took your lunch money or any of a number of sad incidents? Do you remember the fear? The anxiety? The sleepless nights worrying about what tomorrow would bring?

That must be something of what those in the minority feel also on a much larger scale.

I hear reports of what terrorist rebels do in other parts of the world. Even the US waits for yet another attack such as what befell Orlando...or New York City. We wait...we pray, "not again!" we are on guard. "Why do THEY pick on US?" we ask. "What have WE done to generate so much hate from them?"

OK, now, take away those terrorists...and substitute what is happening in the black community. Or you can substitute any ethnic group, any religious group, any gender group, anything that you feel is less superior to you. Even the often have you groaned when an older person in front of you takes up so much time at the cashier's line? Or in traffic? Or anywhere?

Back in the late 1800's to early 1900's when the Irish emigrated to the USA, they were treated as outcasts. They were given the lowest paid jobs, slum housing and nothing more than that. The Irish were able to climb up from those ranks. Today on St. Patrick's Day, celebrations are held across our country as the Irish are embraced with love and good cheer.

Yet other groups still cry out for recognition as well.

We all need to walk in the shoes of another. The next time you turn your nose up at someone who is different from you, stop and ask yourself why you feel that way? What has that person done to YOU to merit your disdain? Then...what can YOU do to put yourself out there to help them feel recognized in a positive way?

Our world is growing so quickly, yet shrinking even faster. As the population grows, as the methods of keeping in touch with others also grows, we are consumed night and day in a quicksilver moment of knowing exactly what is going on and where. We are also quick to make judgments before all of the facts are in and cast judgments online. How is that fair to anyone?

Remember what I said of how Americans fear terrorists on our soil? Being quick to judge makes you a terrorist also, albeit on a  much smaller scale. Why would you want anyone to fear who you are? Why should they fear others?

We are all made in God's image and likeness. We are all His children. We all have 206 bones, bleed red and our hearts beat...though not always as one.

Today...look out for your fellow human being. Be an inspiration in a world filled with bullies. Show others that you are the example Jesus know you can!
Let's do this together...shall we?