Thursday, April 28, 2016

are you the best person that you can be?

Back when I was in high school, there was a military slogan for the Army that said, "Be All You Can Be!" Posters that represented that slogan were plastered in hallways and the counselor's office. I didn't just see that as a recruitment tool for the Army, but as a metaphor that we should always embrace.

Be all that you CAN be. Not "Could be"....CAN BE!

My husband's father passed away yesterday. He was perhaps the best person that I have met, next to my husband. I do believe that because of the influence he had on others, others were able to be the best they could be just because he made them feel that way. He brought people up. Whenever anyone said an unkind word about someone, or shared gossip, he would jump in and remind us how we are not to judge. Most important.....he treated his wife with so much Love, compassion and dignity. Everyone who knew them knew of the deep love they had for each other. It rubbed off to my benefit, as my husband treats me like a Princess....and for that, I am ever so grateful.

If there is a moral lesson in all of this, it is just Jesus admonished us, love others as much as you love yourself. Love God above all. Treat others as you'd WANT to be treated! I don't know of a single soul who has ever---EVER said, "hey, treat me like the piece of crap that I am!" have you? You don't like it when others gossip about you or treat you with disrespect...yet how often do we do this to another?

Little kids, older folks, dogs, cats....anything that crossed his path, my father in law was sure to pay it gentle consideration. He had an easy smile and a zest for life. It was so easy, and I do mean, easy to see Jesus in him. For all of the inspiration he was....he will be truly missed. He was the wind beneath the wings of many.

May you rest in peace, dad. You are truly loved.