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Situation: I was watching a TV show. The setting: Thanksgiving, a cold day in Queens, New York. The plot: a man comes to the door of a house, asking to use a phone because his car broke down. He was wearing an eye patch, an old worn-out coat and just seemed unsavory. Of course the male lead allowed him that as his wife had her misgivings. Flash to the dinner. Everyone is nervous because just outside the door, said man is waiting for a buddy to come get him. The opinion was that he should be allowed in to warm up, how heartless it must be to be on the inside looking out at someone who just needed a hand.

I won't divulge the ending because I want you to think about this: it's a holiday and an unkempt person asks to use your phone, (or whatever)....your gut instinct would be to turn down that request (or a similar one) based on appearance, correct? If it was a man driving a Lexus wearing a suit, you'd be all "yeah, you bet, here you go!" Right? As opposed to a bum, who may be on his last leg and just is waiting for that one person to also say, "yeah, here you go!" Why is that? How did we become so untrusting of our fellow neighbor?

 Remember a few months ago when I recalled a story here of how my husband picked up a stranger who was hitchhiking? I was so scared...and yet he was so trusting. "What if it were me stranded, wouldn't you want someone to help me out?" he had asked. Good point!

Basically, it all comes down to trust and common sense. Unfortunately, the few people in the world who have spoiled it for the rest of us has made that near impossible. Again, you see a well-dressed person in need of help. Of course you'll go out of your way, why wouldn't you? You have nothing to fear, he doesn't present a situation that would require it. We should also step out of our comfort zone in faith and do likewise for the weary person as well. What is the saying about "entertaining angels unawares?"
Just something to ponder today..........


  1. I thought you were going to bring up drunks again! If a drunk wants money and panhandles, I sure as hell am not going to partake by giving him/her any! Let them clean up their act and work, like me. Then maybe we'll talk.

    1. No more anger, just pitty and sorrow for you and those like you.

  2. to just sayin'...if I asked you for money and you offered, I'd spit in your face for that comment. You have absolutely NO idea what it is we/they go through, do you? Many are fully functioning. They work, come home and drink till bedtime, then get up and do it again. Such is their life. The others also work, but they come home, get drunk, beat the kids, the wife, the dog and then go to work and bitch about how bad they have it at home. Meanwhile the family they are abusing is making plans to throw him out. Who needs abuse anyway? Then there are those who have been thrown out who have no job, or a way to get to one due to the DWI"s keeping them from work. Might as well say Fuck it" and drink till death finds them. So many of them are found in woods and under bridges, dead and no one cares or even blinks. Just another bum gone. You never know, that if you help someone, what path they will take. Help them anyway. Because they may take that ONE chance and better themselves. I did, thanks to Rev, rob and my son. Could I have done it with an attitude presented to me like you have? No. I have enough guilt of how I fucked up my life. I don't need people like you playing judge and jury to tell me what I already know! Maybe having a heart is what separates YOU from the rest.

  3. Andy W.!
    I've been a busy Mo-Fo and don't have time to be on here lately, but HOLY SNAPPIN ARCILLS, have you hit this one on the head! You know, for being just a common drunk, like the rest of us are, (and those who pop prescription pills and/or drink their 100 dollar bottles of wine and think they are different and/or can afford to have their lives masked) who are they to look down on the rest of the world? So they feed themselves to obesity, are they better because they dont drink? Up their behinds! They cost America more than drunks do! Does anyone look down on fat people? Well, I do.A LOT! Especially at the malls where they wear things they shouldn't! But hey, if a person cant look at another without judgement, they must have no commpassion for others.
    Thanks andy W.


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