me? worry about tomorrow?

ABC's "Good Morning America" welcomed back their main anchor, Robin Roberts last week after an eight month battle with bone marrow cancer. She looks like the battle she has fought; thin, a bit tired but still alive. She was interviewed about her struggle and said that our lives are predestined, which means that we need to get out there and do what we know needs to be done. Don't wait! And don't take life for granted, either.
As my 50th birthday looms, I looked back over my last ten years. I certainly did not expect to be in this spot right now and had I been warned, I would not have believed it either. Maybe it IS a good thing that we have no idea what the future holds, because I am thinking that the majority of us would cringe in fear.
For me to have to deal with a chronic illness, though, I have not cringed, but then again, I sure have not wanted to meet it head on. At first, it was wait and see, followed by denial, anger and wanting to crawl into a shell and hide. Then I realized that life is still out there, waiting to be lived. I became my own advocate for treatment, diet and exercise. I have challenged my doctors and surprised them when they felt that I was at "the end." I have been told that, no way could I do what I do and that I tolerate pain well.
Tolerate pain...well? I do NOT want to tolerate it at all! But since this is my life sentence, I had better just accept and keep moving forward. I am stronger than I initially gave myself credit for. I can do this. As Robin herself said, "I faked the funk!"
For anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious illness, nothing has been taken away from you! We all, healthy or not, still live our lives one day at a time. It's just that those of us who have been dealt with this hand have to fight a little bit harder than the rest, is all.
Are you a fighter?
Should anyone tell you that you have "X amount of time to live", tell them that they have the EXACT same amount of time as you have: today. That is all. That is the only guarantee that we get. Right now. This minute. 
So what will you do with your time?


  1. I saw that interview and it made me cry. There are so many folks out here who have their crosses to bear. Many do so without fanfare. Robin is not the only one who has survived cancer, but we listen to her because she is in a capacity to speak out about it. Her inspiration becomes OUR inspiration. To all of you who carry a prayers are with you. are NOT alone!

  2. wow! I never thought of it that way. I was told I had six months to live and that was twelve years ago! You're is what we believe about ourselves that makes the difference! Don't worry about tomorrow! Think back to 9/11...did those folks think they would die in the worst act of terrorism ever? We have just today.

  3. you sure know how to deliver that knock out punch! Thanks, Rev Baum!


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