like a rock

words hurled in anger or hate have the ability to create the largest boulder...insurmountable

A rock. Picture the biggest mountain or the smallest pebble. Rocks are known as being mighty and strong, yet can also crumble under pressure given time and circumstance. Jesus referred to Simon as "Peter," which means "Rock." "And upon this Rock I shall build my Church." 

Then there are stones. Stones can hurt you. A stone cast in judgment can kill you- such as the woman caught in adultery in the Bible. Or Stephen, the first martyr of the church. Yet how many of us cast stones every single day--and many of us aren't even aware that we do?

Just today, the ABC show, "Roseanne" was cancelled because she threw a mighty large stone at someone  through social media. It was hurtful. It was racist. It was wrong. We are all adults, not five years old. That means we should know better, but how many of us stop and think, stop and ask ourselves, "is this kind? Will it hurt someone's feelings?" More important, what we need to ask ourselves is this: "in what light will others see ME when I say this?"

It doesn't really matter how "popular" you are, to inflict hurt on another is wrong. To cast stones is wrong. To pass judgment is wrong. This is not to say that if the actions of another are truly wrong, that we can sit back and watch what happens, far from it. Even Jesus, when He noticed how the Temple in Jerusalem was being used as something more of a gambling den than a place of worship, called out those who were misusing it. The difference between that and what we are witnessing daily in the news and social medias is that Jesus called out the actions of those who were involved, not commenting on their character. Big difference.

Today I was pointing out something on the computer and my sweet husband made a quick and hurtful comment. Basically I had got in his way of something he was already viewing. But what he said hurt and I pointed it out (nicely--because two wrongs wouldn't make it right if I did it any other way.) He immediately apologized. It was over and done. Love means that when we feel hurt, we go to the one who hurt us and make things right. Not by slinging more angry words, but by showing love and hopefully, compassion and kindness will take the place of pain and hurt.
Today more so than ever, we need to check our 'filters'. Think before you speak. Think even before you think a thought that is spiteful, hurtful or mean-spirited. Thoughts do become things. The more you think horrible thoughts the more the intent will then be to utter those words that, once uttered, are real hard to take back. The tongue, such a small muscle, but it has so much power. Let's all learn to use it in positive ways!


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