a tale of two ladies

life has enough hurdles of its own, why must we add more to an already stress-filled day?

Lady number one, let's call her Dina, has a night time job cleaning a business. When she first began her job, she cleaned with a gusto noty seen there in many years. The place , although it had hired help who supposedly did the job before Dina, was neglected in many areas. Dina took on the responsibility as if it had been her own business.

Then came the notes from her boss: "You REALLY need to do 'this.'" "You didn't do 'that!'" Dina was crestfallen. She prided herself on a job well done. In fact, she thought she WAS doing  her best work as the business looked better than it had in a long time! As the notes began to pile up, her spirit dropped. Soon she became bitter. She began to hate her job. Now she did her normal routine, but didn't look for side jobs to do. It became her burden. She began to devise ways to get out of that job but, having signed a one year contract, began counting the days until her bid ran out instead. In reality, she cared less if the building went up in flames.

Lady number two, let's call her Donna. Donna has a part time job doing something that she loved. In fact, after many years away from this line of work, she was thrilled when the opportunity arose to get back into it. Like Dina, Donna also went above and beyond her required duties. Donna received many compliments from the boss. Donna then rose higher, both in self-esteem and in her sales. Her hard work shown like a beacon and people were noticing.  Donna looked forward to going to work and often stayed later to finish her duties.

What can we learn from these two women?

How about that what we say matters. How we are appreciated matters, also.

Words can make a person better--or bitter.

You may be Dina. You may be Donna. You may be neither, but you COULD be a hero to another person. We ALL can be a hero...just by offering someone a kind word, a smile, a hug. What you say is important. Instead of finding the negative, always seek the positive. For instance, instead of, "you left the keys out AND you forgot to lock the door!" how about: "oh my! I found the keys, they were in the unlocked door! I know your responsibilities are many and I really appreciate all that you do, but how about, next time, please remember to do a final checklist so that nothing is forgotten?" 

I have been a supervisor in many jobs. I also have been the underling. In only a few jobs where I was the underling did I enjoy my work, why? Because the supervisor ALWAYS let the employees know that without them, the business was a big fat nothing! In fact, I remember working for many supervisors who, because they could, treated the employees like trash. And it showed. The personnel were depressed, morose and did only what was required and nothing more! Where I was supervisor, I passed out compliments like water and worked side by side with my employees. Many were impressed and we all were one big team! And remember, there is no "I" in the word team!

Today, let's all use words of kindness, no matter if we are the boss, the employee or just meeting people for the first time. Life is so short, why waste it being spiteful or mean? be like Jesus--just be kind.



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