so much hurt for far too long!

Dear Catholic Church:

You are supposed to be the representation of Jesus in our world. From the day when Jesus called Peter "The Rock," you were supposed to lead BY EXAMPLE.

Some example you are! You are an example of greed! Yes! NINE BILLION dollars per year is given to you by those whom you are "supposed" to minister to. That makes you richer and more powerful than any entity on Earth. You have taken that trust and used it to make yourselves more powerful and able to hurt the weakest and most vulnerable within your midst, namely, our children. Then you played roulette and hid the guilty among you by moving them here and there, yet perpetuated a problem that is horrific beyond words! As Jesus said, "You HYPOCRITES!" telling people to confess their sins or else, risk hell, you have created hell on earth for so many for too long.

As a Catholic and an ordained minister, I am not only appalled, I am ashamed. I pray for the healing of those whom you have harmed. Woe be to you, liars, you hypocrites! Your day will come when God will have an accounting with you! As for me, I mourn what could have been. I will continue to set the example that Jesus laid out for His followers. I will love and serve those whom I meet. I may make mistakes, I may stumble and fall...I stand before you, sinful and sorrowful. 

May God be with those who were harmed by this so called mighty entity. 

"Let the little children come to Me and do not try to harm them, for the Kingdom of Heaven is for such as these."


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