my sweet Lord!

today while walking my dogs, I pondered how we are told to listen for God's voice, as it is everywhere. "But to see You, Lord?" How I wished I could see His Face!

As I walked, I spotted a chrysalis, hanging by a tiny thread on a milkweed stem. Despite the strong gusty winds we had yesterday, there it was, going through its own metamorphosis. What laws of nature holds that tiny little shell to something also seemingly so fragile...and yet, life continues on for it!

 Soon I saw a tiny morning glory flower growing in a heap of weeds. Small and purple, it gave me a pause to smile as I continued on.

Completing my walk, I stopped in front of my own house just as the church bells in town pealed the 8 a.m. hour. Looking up, I then noticed a spectacular sight: sitting on the peak of my roof was a mourning dove, its body framed by rays of the sun that was just rising. It sat there, looking down at me as if it were a king on a throne. I then realized, I had seen God everywhere this morning! ~the culmination of which took my breath away! Walking past a statue of the Virgin Mary in my garden, I said a "hail, Mary" and gave thanks for a glorious new day!


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